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An incredibly well-written and timely/important script that is as entertaining as it is necessary. A tremendous read. 


Schizo is a smart, complex, and well-written story. The subject matter is intense and personal and trippy and very intimate.

The writing itself is precise and controlled, which is of vital importance for maintaining beat-for-beat tension and thus reader engagement. 

International Screenwriting Association

The based-in-fact premise feels very relevant, due to the current nationwide opioid epidemic and the spate of mass shootings perpetrated by Americans afflicted by mental illnesses. Similarly, the script does a great job of detailing exactly how government bureaucracy fails people who need their help the most.

This script sheds fascinating light on the “Catch-22s” of HIPPA laws and mental illness, which has the potential to spark real change, giving the script a strong message and tangible world effect.

The Black List

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