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Dark Clouds


When her sister mysteriously vanishes, Jo Truth, the only Black girl at a prestigious private school in New Orleans, embarks on a perilous journey across the charred landscape of America’s culture war to find her.

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When her troubled sister DEE fails to show up for their annual birthday lunch, highly successful student JO begins scouring the dregs of Baton Rouge in search of her. Unsuccessful, Jo becomes increasingly concerned that instead of merely succumbing to addiction once again, something more nefarious might have befallen her sister. 


With neither the police nor her family willing to help, Jo puts her entire life on hold and embarks on a rescue mission up the Mississippi River to save her. Like Huckleberry Finn in reverse, Jo befriends TE'ATA along the way and together they begin retracing Dee's last known whereabouts.  


All usage rights to this original Screenplay retained exclusively by Matthew Sidney Long and Christopher Virnig, hereinafter "Authors."  No part of this Screenplay may be modified for commercial or advertising use, nor copied or reproduced in any form without the permission of the Authors.  Unauthorized use of the Screenplay, such as photographing a work for public display - email transfer, exhibition, website inclusion, etc. - and derivative works, is a direct violation of all applicable laws and immediately subject to a copyright infrigement suit.  Only the Authors have exclusive rights to the copying and usage of this Screenplay.

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